My Journey In A New State

I’ve been hinting at a new change lately, but I haven’t been very vocal about it. I wanted to get settled first and make sure it was actually happening lol. I moved to Las Vegas, NV recently and it’s very different from what I’m used to. I arrived on June 9th, 2020 and I’ve been adjusting to the time difference, so that’s the reason for the inconsistency. I’ve had to get use to my new surroundings, no friends, and it’s completely out of my comfort zone. Other differences have been the culture of people, price differences, and how big it actually is.


This journey has been excruciating and exciting all at the same time. A rollercoaster of emotions and even left me feeling like it wouldn’t happen. I couldn’t help but to feel like it might not be the best move for me to make. I started wanting to move here after a visit back in 2017, but I couldn’t because I was still in school. The idea came back in 2018, but again I was in school and wanted to finish there and nowhere else. After graduating in 2019 I was finally able to go where I wanted, but another problem came up…… money! I couldn’t go to another state with no money that’s just not how I operate.


So after an unsuccessful search for a career in my field I ended up just finding something that could pay the bills. What I didn’t know was that, that job had recently (within the last few years) bought out a company here. When I realized I could transfer I jumped on the chance quickly and without hesitation. I worked my butt off and saved my little change because I had a goal in mind and I just knew this was the place for me. Since I’ve been here I’ve been calmer, more focused, and way more motivated to do anything I want. Getting through this tough move through a pandemic and through protests/riots has shown me my resilience. I’m so proud of myself and I can’t wait to keep proving to myself that staying on this Earth was worth it!


Hello everyone thank you for reading! I couldn’t wait to get that out lol. I just really needed to get settled first and figure out if I made the right decision or not. You know how it is when something is so new and different that it’s almost scary. Anyway I’m trying to get myself back in track with my blog, thank you for sticking with me.

Published by Mariah Eskridge

Hello I'm Mariah Eskridge and my goal is to encourage those who otherwise wouldn't have the support. I graduated from Illinois State University in May 2019 with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing and Accounting. I've been faced with plenty of situations that I would've loved having someone that I can relate to.

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