Is It Considered Child Abuse or Just A Form Of Discipline?

Question, do you consider whoopings a form of child abuse? Some think it’s the correct way of doing things, ‘spare the rod, spoil the child.’ Some think it’s child abuse and won’t whoop, but’ll find different ways to punish their child/children.

Whatever your parenting style is we all pretty much agree that they need discipline. I’ve learned a long time ago that there is no right decision when it comes to anything. Especially in parenting, I could be right but so could the next person in the same situation.

In my opinion, whooping can be both it just depends on how rough the parent is. People always compare whoopings with getting beat and that’s just not fair to me. The parent has to control his/her anger and try not to spazz out. Most of the time things can be talked out and fixed without violence. Always keep in mind that they are children and they’re figuring out the world like we once were.

I would take that opportunity to get creative with my punishments. Babies and toddlers get fingertaps and 1,000,000 “no’s.” Middle school and older gets to l write you a paper every time they mess up. The goal is to get them to understand why, what they did was wrong. It’s a coin toss really on how they’ll react to different punishments, so find what works for you.


Happy Hump Day! Remember that you can do anything you put your mind to.

Published by Mariah Eskridge

Hello I'm Mariah Eskridge and my goal is to encourage those who otherwise wouldn't have the support. I graduated from Illinois State University in May 2019 with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing and Accounting. I've been faced with plenty of situations that I would've loved having someone that I can relate to.

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