Are Soulmates Real?

Is there a such thing as a soulmate? Do you believe that our love lives have been pre-destined? I have absolutely no idea if it’s real or not, but I do know that sometimes it feels like it. When you mesh well with someone and can kind of relate to them on a different level,Continue reading “Are Soulmates Real?”

Choosing Prayer As A weapon!

It’s one thing to know how to fight using your hands or other things around you. It’s a whole other ballgame to pick up prayer as a weapon of choice. When I was younger I didn’t fully understand what it meant to pray without ceasing. Now that I’m older I understand that you may needContinue reading “Choosing Prayer As A weapon!”

Survival Mode 101

If you know how to survive in one place you can learn how to survive in another! – Mariah Eskridge Survival is a necessary part of life. It’s important to know how to take care of yourself in any situation, because people are definitely watching. While you’re surviving make sure to keep your morals inContinue reading “Survival Mode 101”

Getting To Know My Audience!

I’ve been so busy talking about myself and I realized that I don’t know what anyone likes. So with that in mind I’m going to be asking my audience a few questions. I would love for everyone who comes across this blog to participate, if you can! 1. Is there something more you would likeContinue reading “Getting To Know My Audience!”

Understanding Your Triggers

I saw a post one day that said, “no one is responsible for your triggers except for you.” It is the responsibility of each individual to get to know themselves and the things that make them tick. Also recognizing when a situation could possibly set you off and choosing to walk away. We’ve talked aboutContinue reading “Understanding Your Triggers”

Motivation For Business-Minded People!

Starting a business is tough and consuming. There’s no one telling you what to do or when to do it and sometimes it gets to be too much. This is for anyone who has thought about giving up on their dreams. For those who haven’t quite found it yet or others who are further alongContinue reading “Motivation For Business-Minded People!”

Marketing Tips For Entrepreneurs (Beginners)

So you’ve recently decided to start a business? Besides all of the financial costs to start-up your business, you’ll also have to decide how to market to your market. Let me tell you, writing a real business is on a whole other level. I’ve done plenty of assignments, but of course the real thing isContinue reading “Marketing Tips For Entrepreneurs (Beginners)”

Working A Consuming Job While Trying To Pursue Your Own Dreams?

It’s tough to balance working for someone else’s dream and also trying to pursue your own. It’s stressful and can make anyone want to give up. Especially when you’re not quite where you would like to be in life. The key to handling and juggling everything {for myself} is taking my time to make sureContinue reading “Working A Consuming Job While Trying To Pursue Your Own Dreams?”

If You’re In The Business, Know The Business

“What do you mean by that Mariah?” Hmmm! I’m glad you asked. Lol but seriously I am glad you asked. All I mean by this is walk the walk and talk the talk. As an entrepreneur, business professional, or regular human being, you have to understand the ins and outs of business. Knowing what’s goingContinue reading “If You’re In The Business, Know The Business”

Is It Considered Child Abuse or Just A Form Of Discipline?

Question, do you consider whoopings a form of child abuse? Some think it’s the correct way of doing things, ‘spare the rod, spoil the child.’ Some think it’s child abuse and won’t whoop, but’ll find different ways to punish their child/children. Whatever your parenting style is we all pretty much agree that they need discipline.Continue reading “Is It Considered Child Abuse or Just A Form Of Discipline?”