Tax Season!?! How To Effectively Use Your Taxes To Your Advantage.

So we’ve all seen the memes about wanting our taxes to hurry and arrive, but what are you doing when you get them. Most people will go out and spend them on things that don’t matter and later find themselves broke [again].

The Importance of Backing Up Your Name With An Education

On March 1, 1864 she was the first black woman to receive her M.D. As we all know historically, education hasn’t always been available to us as black people. In today’s world you can’t get very far without an education or at least something that develops your skills. Our ancestors didn’t have the chances thatContinue reading “The Importance of Backing Up Your Name With An Education”

Are You Just Sad or Are You Depressed?

Depression is like a super annoying and obnoxious bug that won’t go away. Depression is drinking and smoking to an oblivion. Depression does not care about whether you live or die. Depression will have you shutting people out even when you need them the most.