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Happy Thanksgiving!

Tomorrow is a very special holiday because it specifically highlights being thankful and grateful for everything. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who will be celebrating a normal holiday with their families! Happy Thanksgiving to people who may have lost someone and will be one member short this year! Happy Thanksgiving to the ones who may notContinue reading “Happy Thanksgiving!”

The Calming Affect

‘The Calming Affect’ came about because when everyone is freaking out I’m the calm one. I’ve realized that I tend to have that affect on people, although I’m not always calm on the inside. I’m so excited to announce that I am launching my own product line! *Squeals uncontrollably* It will include some quotes fromContinue reading “The Calming Affect”

Are Soulmates Real?

Is there a such thing as a soulmate? Do you believe that our love lives have been pre-destined? I have absolutely no idea if it’s real or not, but I do know that sometimes it feels like it. When you mesh well with someone and can kind of relate to them on a different level,Continue reading “Are Soulmates Real?”

Survival Mode 101

If you know how to survive in one place you can learn how to survive in another! – Mariah Eskridge Survival is a necessary part of life. It’s important to know how to take care of yourself in any situation, because people are definitely watching. While you’re surviving make sure to keep your morals inContinue reading “Survival Mode 101”

Working A Consuming Job While Trying To Pursue Your Own Dreams?

It’s tough to balance working for someone else’s dream and also trying to pursue your own. It’s stressful and can make anyone want to give up. Especially when you’re not quite where you would like to be in life. The key to handling and juggling everything {for myself} is taking my time to make sureContinue reading “Working A Consuming Job While Trying To Pursue Your Own Dreams?”

Is It Considered Child Abuse or Just A Form Of Discipline?

Question, do you consider whoopings a form of child abuse? Some think it’s the correct way of doing things, ‘spare the rod, spoil the child.’ Some think it’s child abuse and won’t whoop, but’ll find different ways to punish their child/children. Whatever your parenting style is we all pretty much agree that they need discipline.Continue reading “Is It Considered Child Abuse or Just A Form Of Discipline?”

Just Keep Swimming

With all of my doubts and insecurities bubbling up to the surface again, I can’t help but to feel weighed down and heavy. Even though I feel how I feel, I hear the words of my advisor saying, “you’re just going to have to get over it.” That may seem harsh, but at the timeContinue reading “Just Keep Swimming”

Physical Health: Being As Healthy As Possible

I talk a lot about mental health, but not as much about physical health. Physical health is literally just as important as mental health. One can and will affect the other if it they aren’t being carefully monitored.

Dear Black Man,

Stay strong even though the world has been against you. Although we’ve had our issues, we’re with you 100%. Fight for us as hard as we fight for you. We need you in this world, we can do it alone but without you we are incomplete. They aren’t afraid of you, they are intimidated byContinue reading “Dear Black Man,”

We Buy Black!

It is important to funnel money back into our own communities. The fact of the matter is, we as black people aren’t appreciated especially in places that we choose to spend our money. We’re followed around stores for acting “suspicious” aka being black. We’re treated as less than and even ignored by shop owners. SomeContinue reading “We Buy Black!”

Mental Health Check

During these uncertain times, I just want make sure everyone is taking out time for their mental health. Since this subject is very important to me, I want to do a mental health check. With everyone sprouting their opinions all down our timelines it’s easy to get so wrapped up in it that we aren’tContinue reading “Mental Health Check”

No Justice! No Peace!

We are the only ones not getting any peace from this! I want to start by saying that I’m against peaceful and violent forms of protest.

Stop. Killing. Us!

There are countless ways black people have become victims of police brutality. We are tired of the violent acts toward us, then to lie and say they were resisting arrest or you “feared for your life.”

Dealing With The Loss of A Loved One

This topic is particularly hard for me to discuss. I choose optimism because life has definitely given me reason to be numb. I’ve had some major losses in my family, people that I wish I could talk to one more time.

Choosing Optimism Even When It’s Hard

What is optimism? Optimism is having the ability to see the bright side of things even when it looks bleak. Choose to be happy no matter what life throws at you. Even if things aren’t looking the way you thought they would, choose to always

Going Back To Your Roots (Hair)

As a people, we are uncomfortable with our hair and how it grows naturally. After a discussion that I had with a reader, it has come to my attention that the phrase “natural hair journey” is a little misunderstood.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy (Late) Mother’s Day to all of the beautiful mothers across the world! The job of a mother is hands down the hardest job on this planet. I don’t think most people think about the physical hardship that a woman has to go through in order to give birth.

Let’s Discuss Natural Hair!

Natural hair is beautiful! (When you take care of it) A big pet peeve of mine is when someone says natural hair isn’t for everybody. How can something that grows from your scalp NOT be for you?

Be Mindful Of The Words You Use!

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “Think before you speak?” Has there ever been a time where you’re speaking (or yelling) from a place of anger or hurt? Did you say something you regretted and now can’t take back?

Finding Healthy Ways To Deal With Stress

How do you deal with your stress? Do you internalize it and hold it on? Or Do you take it out on other people? Every time we turn around there seems to be some incident or another that warrants our undivided attention.

10 Quotes To Live By

~ Anyone that truly knows me, knows that I am a Pinterest junkie! Here are some quotes that are important to keeping a healthy heart (emotionally) and mind.

Love Yourself Without Apology!

Who are you? What’s your favorite color? Favorite food, artist, song, restaurant etc? These are the questions that we ask others when we’re getting to know them, but when was the last time you asked yourself?

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