Dealing With Powerful Men

Why do men with power think they can take advantage of you in every way? It sucks that we have to be subjected to their abuse and are unable to escape their ever watchful eye. I would love to see a world where we are can reject their sexual advances without being shunned. Where weContinue reading “Dealing With Powerful Men”

How Do I Budget, If I Don’t Even Make Enough To Cover Bills?

Are you having financial issues? Income lower than your debt? I’m not an expert on this topic in particular, but I’ve compiled a list of resources for anyone who needs it.

Are You Just Sad or Are You Depressed?

Depression is like a super annoying and obnoxious bug that won’t go away. Depression is drinking and smoking to an oblivion. Depression does not care about whether you live or die. Depression will have you shutting people out even when you need them the most.