Awakening Your God Given Talents

It’s time to stop playing with God! If there are things you know that you possess, do it! Get right church and let’s go home. You have been given these gifts by God, and you have a great responsibility that goes along with them. This responsibility usually will come with an influence, what you doContinue reading “Awakening Your God Given Talents”

Struggling To Find Your Purpose

Lately I’ve been struggling to find my niche, my purpose, the thing I’m supposed to be doing for the rest of my life. It’s hard when you can see yourself doing great things but can’t figure out where to even start. I’m not doing anywhere near what I thought I’d be doing, but dreams don’tContinue reading “Struggling To Find Your Purpose”

The Importance of Backing Up Your Name With An Education

On March 1, 1864 she was the first black woman to receive her M.D. As we all know historically, education hasn’t always been available to us as black people. In today’s world you can’t get very far without an education or at least something that develops your skills. Our ancestors didn’t have the chances thatContinue reading “The Importance of Backing Up Your Name With An Education”