Motivation For Business-Minded People!

Starting a business is tough and consuming. There’s no one telling you what to do or when to do it and sometimes it gets to be too much. This is for anyone who has thought about giving up on their dreams. For those who haven’t quite found it yet or others who are further alongContinue reading “Motivation For Business-Minded People!”

Marketing Tips For Entrepreneurs (Beginners)

So you’ve recently decided to start a business? Besides all of the financial costs to start-up your business, you’ll also have to decide how to market to your market. Let me tell you, writing a real business is on a whole other level. I’ve done plenty of assignments, but of course the real thing isContinue reading “Marketing Tips For Entrepreneurs (Beginners)”

If You’re In The Business, Know The Business

“What do you mean by that Mariah?” Hmmm! I’m glad you asked. Lol but seriously I am glad you asked. All I mean by this is walk the walk and talk the talk. As an entrepreneur, business professional, or regular human being, you have to understand the ins and outs of business. Knowing what’s goingContinue reading “If You’re In The Business, Know The Business”