Battling Your Inner Demons

Everyone has their own personal struggles, things we don’t see them battling. Remember to be kind to those around you, you never know when your words are the ones they needed. Know yourself inside and out and don’t neglect those feelings. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! There are sicknesses that people battle outsideContinue reading “Battling Your Inner Demons”

Hold Your Head Up High!

In the midst of adversity I hold my head up high. I was taught at a young age not to stare at the ground when I walk. At first it would only be because I’m clumsy and needed to watch where I walked, then it changed. It became a way to hide myself from theContinue reading “Hold Your Head Up High!”

Forming A New Routine

Sometimes in life we need to switch it up. Start something new and literally forget all that we were use to. A new routine is always refreshing, we or should I say I, get too comfortable doing the same thing day in and day out. So comfortable that I end up bored and that’s whenContinue reading “Forming A New Routine”