Take Care Of Your Health!

Don’t neglect your health! You are the only person who knows your body inside and out. You should be able to tell when something isn’t right, like you’ve been having a certain pain persistently. Nobody knows what you’re going through until you speak up! Don’t let your pride stop you from saying, “hey, I needContinue reading “Take Care Of Your Health!”

Battling Your Inner Demons

Everyone has their own personal struggles, things we don’t see them battling. Remember to be kind to those around you, you never know when your words are the ones they needed. Know yourself inside and out and don’t neglect those feelings. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! There are sicknesses that people battle outsideContinue reading “Battling Your Inner Demons”

Dear Black Man,

Stay strong even though the world has been against you. Although we’ve had our issues, we’re with you 100%. Fight for us as hard as we fight for you. We need you in this world, we can do it alone but without you we are incomplete. They aren’t afraid of you, they are intimidated byContinue reading “Dear Black Man,”